Adult The Best And Worst Day Of My Life..........

I tried the drug "meth" at the age of 33..i am 47 now and also 72 days clean and sober...i say the best because of the high and the worst because of the hell that was soon to follow for me my family and my life. i am not any means an expert but if i can help just one person i will be happy. my life boggled my own mind but it is all true.i thought i fit in at the dope house,i thought they were my family and friends but anything but..they were my worst nightmare. which at one point no one was forcing me to do anything and when i was given free drugs in my mind i thought wow they really do love me..nope there was more or less a price tag so to speak on my head and i didnt have a gonna stop at this until tomorrow..please bare with me because this is all new to me. thank you for reading

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  1. shadowstarz

    Congratulations… on your road to recovery. Addiction, can destroy an individual, and every one that is associated with the said person (s).
    Unfortunately, you have to dig a little deeper to identify why you’re self medicating before identifying what your triggers are for such.
    Once you’re fully cognisant of those factors, you can implement the relevant strategies for change, whether that be via cognitive behavior therapy or addressing any underlying trauma that you may be carrying around with you, like baggage.
    The latter, will destroy you if you’re unable to release yourself from such. Here’s hoping you do the right thing, for yourself and your loved ones; wife/ husband/ children/ parents/ siblings and whatnot. Take one day at a time… if that’s all you can manage.

    October 25, 2016
    1. determined68

      thank you shadowstarz and yes you are so right..thanks again and thank you for reading..

      October 25, 2016